Emerging Technologies

Usually there are three steps to process development: basic research at the laboratory level, transfer to larger scale at pilot-plant stage and finally up scaling to industrial scale. Due to the requirements for nutritionally improved products and due to consumer demands for “less processed, fresh like products” as well as because of the need for resource efficient processes new means of gentle processing are being developed. This is for quality reasons to ideally create targeted process for tailor made foods which can fulfill the needs, preferences and acceptance requirements of consumers.


The term “Emerging technologies” has been created approx. 25 years ago in conjunction with the development of “non-thermal” processes to contrast to the existing traditional thermal processes (e.g. canning). Although both terms are suboptimal the have been used for technologies which are on the verge to pilot scale or industrial level. They are now usually not only used for food preservation purposes but also to selective modify food systems.


This article was prepared by Prof. Dietrich Knorr of the Department of Food Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering, Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin), Berlin, Germany.

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