Studying Food Science in Spain

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Partner universities of the TRACK_FAST project and the Foodgalaxy website in Spain:



Universitat Politècnica de València - Technical University of Valencia, Valencia

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Note: The Technical University of Valencia is a partner of the European TRACK_FAST project and the Foodgalaxy website.



For an extensive listing of all available study programmes in the field of food science and technology in Spain please visit the PICAM database at the website of the ISEKI Food Association:



Further examples of universities and institutes of higher education in Spain which offer study programmes in the field of food science and technology - in alphabetical order:


Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid

Universidad de Cádiz - University of Cádiz, Cádiz


Universidad de Extremadura - University of Extremadura, Badajoz / Cáceres

Enology (Bachelor) Food Science & Technology (Bachelor) Technical Agricultural Engineer in Agrarian & Food Industries (Bachelor)
Quality Management and Traceability in Food of Plant Origin (Master) Science & Technology of Meat (Master)  


Universidad de Granada - University of Granada, Granada

Food Science & Technology (Bachelor)
Biotechnology (Master) Food Quality and Food Technology (Master) Research & Advances in Microbiology (Master)
Human Nutrition (Interuniversitary PhD)


Universidad de León - University of León, León / Ponferrada

Agro-Food Engineering (Bachelor) Biotechnology (Bachelor) Science and Food Technology (Bachelor)
Food Identity - Food ID (Erasmus Mundus European MSc) Research in Veterinary & Science & Food Technology (Master)  


Universidad de Murcia - University of Murcia, Murcia

Biotechnology (Bachelor) Food Science & Technology (Bachelor)
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Master) Nutrition, Food Safety and Food Technology (Master)
Food Technology, Nutrition and Bromatology (PhD) Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (PhD)


Universidad de Zaragoza - University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Biotechnology (Bachelor) Food Science & Technology (Bachelor) Rural & Agrifood Engineering (Bachelor)
Introduction to Research in Science and Food Technology (Master)
Introduction to Research in Science and Food Technology (PhD)


Universidad del Pais Vasco - University of the Basque Country, Bilbao / Vitoria

Biotechnology (Bachelor) Food Science & Technology (Bachelor)
Food Quality & Safety (Master) Innovative Enology (Master)
Food Quality & Safety (PhD)


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - Technical University of Madrid, Madrid

Agricultural & Food Industry Technology (Bachelor) Agricultural Engineering - Specialisiation in Agricultural and Food Industries (Bachelor)
Food Engineering (Bachelor) Food Science & Technology (Bachelor)
Economics Applied to Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (Master) Viticulture and Enology - VINIFERA (Erasmus Mundus European MSc)
Agricultural, Food and Natural Resources Economics (PhD) Biotechnology and Genetic Resources of Plants & Associated Microorganisms (PhD)


Universidad Pública de Navarra - Public University of Navarre, Pamplona

Rural & Agrifood Engineering (Bachelor)
Technology and Quality in Agrifood Industries (Master)
Technology and Quality in Agrifood Industries (PhD)


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) - Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona

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Advanced Biotechnology (Master) Biology and Plant Biotechnology (Master)
Food of Life - EMFOL (Erasmus Mundus European MSc) Food Safety (Master)


Universitat de Lleida - University of Lleida, Lleida



Universitat de València - University of Valencia, Valencia


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